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Recreational Trails Program (RTP) - Project Database

Comprehensive Data Search

Data collected for the RTP Database is provided voluntarily by the States. The accuracy and timeliness of the data collected is subject to each State's program grant cycle.

Last updated: April 4, 2022. There are currently 26,811 total records in the database.

Step 1: Select State(s)

1. Select one or more States (up to 5)

Step 2: Select Optional Search Criteria:

2. Select a County or Congressional District

Limit your search by County or Congressional District.

Notes: a) This is the Congressional District that existed when project funds were obligated. b) Congressional District information has not been provided for every single project.

3. Trail and/or Project Name:

Search for a specific Trail or Project by the entering all, or a portion of, the ‘Trail Name’ or ‘Project Name’:

4. Land Ownership:

5. Permissible Use Categories:

You may select one or more Permissible Use Categories. Choosing multiple categories further limits your search results.

6. Managed Use Categories:

Select one or more Managed Use Categories. You may choose multiple categories to further limit your results.

Pedestrian (including Wheelchair Use)

7. Project Timeframe:

Select a date range to limit your results to within a specific timeframe.

Step 3: Submit Search

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